Spending time with Nature

by: May H.

Hiking is a good way to spend time with Nature.

Think about it, after long hours of being in the office seeing those four walls everyday, living in default adult life (work-rest-work), passing by the same streets and doing the same things, have you ever think of having a break? How about spending it with Mother Nature? Through this you will see the beauty of nature, breath the freshest air you ever breath and have a peace of mind. This blog will tackle about the Types of Hiking where you can determine what is suitable for you.

Day Hiking

This type of hike refers to not exceeding daylight hours. This is the best for starters where you can spend time with nature with your family and friends or just by yourself. You can go and take a simple walk in a nature park or hike in a small mountain or stay closer from home. The purpose of this is for your body to get ready from hiking high mountains and more adventurous places.

Summit Hiking

The name says it all, as Summit means the highest point of a mountain. This type of hike are best for people who seek adventure and challenging paths. If you will try this for the first time, do not think about backing up since we all know that good rewards are given at the end. Once you reached the summit, all the tiredness flowing in your body will be washed away by the natural beauty of the nature. It might be challenging but at the end its fulfilling.

Long-Distance Hiking

If you want to spend more time and explore more, long distance hiking is recommended for you. This type of hiking can take up 2 days or even weeks to travel. Once you try this, do not think about the pain that the bugs might give you, blisters that might hurt you, weather temperature that changes and the things that might get you wet and dirty. Always remember, this offers a more exciting opportunity since you will be in the big nature where everyday you will only think about what is the next view to see and where is your next campsite.


Hiking might be tiring but is also a healthy way to spend your pastime. Just do it step by step for you to improve yourself and getting ready for more challenging hikes. All the experiences you will gain may give you more strength to complete those difficult trails on the mountain.